How Do I Join WMCC?

West Michigan Community Chorale is open to all residents of western Michigan over the age of 18 years of age and no longer in high school.  

Is there an audition?  

Anyone interested in becoming part of our choir can attend one of our four open rehearsals to get a sense of what sort of music we do and how we work together.  There is no audition call, but all interested singers will meet with our Director of Music, Les Rowsey, to sing through a bit of music so that he can help place you in the choir.  

What is the time commitment?  

We are committed to having our schedule set for the year by October at the latest.  We rehearse for 2 hours very Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm and hold between 4 and 5 concerts a year.  We ask members to commit to attending rehearsal weekly and performing in all concerts that we have set for the choir at the beginning of the year.  

How do I get in touch with the choir?

We can be reached by email on this website or through our Facebook page.  During our open rehearsal times (held in September and January) anyone is welcome to just come and sing.

What if I’m not 18 yet or I’m still in school?

Do you know someone in the choir?  Never fear!  Text or email them!  Members who do not meet our age or school requirements will be accepted at the recommendation of a choir member and with the approval of our Director of Music.